Asweetimperfection - Ankit Patel 11-9-10 Writing 1...

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Ankit Patel 11-9-10 Writing 1 Professor Maguire 2PM Class A Sweet Imperfection I woke up one early Friday morning with a sudden urge. I took a glimpse at the clock that read 4:47A.M and hopped out of bed. The urge I had started to get stronger so I made my way to the bathroom. “Damn, I’ve been leaking like a fire hydrant lately.” I thought to myself. I noticed that I urinate 6 to 7 times a day and I'm always parched. I thought “I’ve been drinking a lot of fluids to get rid of the dry feeling in my mouth, it’s all good.” I didn’t worry about it too much, but little did I know that these small signs would be the fuses to ignite and char my life. On October 10 th 2006, I sat in the doctor’s office for a regular check-up. I looked through the lobby window at the nurses making appointments. One of the nurses finally came out and said, “Ankit?” As I got up, she smiled and I followed her through the pale white lobby doors. Her tag said Nan. She acted like my aunt since the day my mom, Ramila, gave birth to me. She took my weight, checked my eyes, my height and my blood pressure. Everything checked out until she pricked my finger for blood. The blood slowly dripped down my finger as Nan collected a few drops of it in the meter. The
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Asweetimperfection - Ankit Patel 11-9-10 Writing 1...

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