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Ankit Patel 10-25-11 Community Psychology Prof. Pagliarulo Group Reflection In general, I think that working with my group flowed very smoothly . I loved working with them and on our project . They all put in their share of work, and helped out when one of us needed it. Hannah proved to be the most helpful of us all, organizing the meetings to meet with the Cor U Num meal center and made the base for the presentation . She pretty much made it happen. Mary and Allison both helped out with the power point and input a lot of information to make the presentation much more appealing and presentable . They made it more sell-able to our audience. Since this was soup kitchen, we all had an idea of what to expect on what to do when we went there . Everyone pulled their share of the work and helped out as much as they could . I really enjoyed working with Mary, Allison and Hannah in this project . I'd certainly want to work with them in a group again because of their work ethic and contribution to the project
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