FinalPaper - Ankit Patel 12-7-10 Professor Maguire 2PM...

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Ankit Patel 12-7-10 Professor Maguire 2PM Class The People You Meet Many people come into our lives. Some of them stay, while others fade away. I call the people that stick around my friends. My friend circle stays small, but I always have time for new people. Three new people that I've met include Shawn Becker, George Misherfi and Zack Pantely. Shawn shows the most pep out of the two. This cute man's attitude brightens up anyone’s day. “Good morning Ankit, how's your day going?” His kindness lifts up my mood quite a bit. Shawn also has a very fun side to him. When we hang out with George or Zack, stuff gets crazy and exciting. One Friday night, Zack, George, Shawn and I needed something to do. We decided on smoking cigars. We hopped into Shawn’s truck and drove to the Top Gun Smoke shop. George bought a Philly blunt while Zack bought a high-end stogie. The shop owner glared at me as I read the back of a honey bun. Shawn eyed the owner back with a “The fuck you staring at?” face. Shawn wanted to buy something from the store, but he didn't know what. “I really want a snack or drink, what should I get Ankit?” I looked at the packaged apple pies and desserts. I pointed at the glazed donuts and he said “ Hey man great choice, nutritious and delicious!” His sarcasm killed me, but he bought a pack of donuts before we left. We left the store with cigars in hand and jumped into Shawn’s truck. As we made our way back to Fox Hall, we heard shouting. I looked to my left and saw two drunk guys fighting outside of a bar. “Oh you really wanna start? What the fuck man, I'll take you!” Shawn pulls past them and says “Don't
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This note was uploaded on 11/07/2011 for the course ENG 101 taught by Professor Wormer during the Spring '08 term at Harvard.

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FinalPaper - Ankit Patel 12-7-10 Professor Maguire 2PM...

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