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sociologypaper - Ankit Patel Professor Marin Sociology...

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Ankit Patel 7-26-11 Professor Marin Sociology Participant Observation Paper This observation paper took place on a Friday afternoon, in the Salem Common . It was 100 degrees out and I took a place on a bench in the common and looked for people to observe . I saw two people running . Both of them were male, one being a Latino and the other a white person. The white person wore an “Animal” shirt, and the other wore a plain white T-shirt . The Latino had a very skinny body type while the white male was extremely buff . They were already heavily drenched in sweat before I arrived . The Common was very empty, except for a few parents and their children since it was extremely hot . I observed these two men running around until something strange happened. One started to slow down significantly, and other kept coaching the other on to keep going . This wasn't a normal coaching session, the white person was literally yelling at the Latino to keep on going on . The Latino picked himself up and started to pace himself for another lap before he fell again . This time he was heaving heavily . It looked like he was about to die the way he hit the ground. Again, the white guy just kept urging his Latino friend to keep going, in almost a yelling sense . He got up again and went for another lap . This time, the Latino fell down onto the ground, and threw up. It was an appalling sight to see but I took this as an opportunity to observe a phenomena . These two guys were more than just runners, they were almost like family to each other . What I think happened is that there is a subject of a social agent acting here . The agent acting here would be some contribution of family and peer pressure . The Latino didn't want to let his friend down, yet at the same time the white person kept pushing him and urging him to go forward . The white male looked
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extremely tired out as well and in pain during the whole run, yet he kept pushing his friend on all the way? It was quite a sight to see how two people can support each other even through physical pain to support each other
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sociologypaper - Ankit Patel Professor Marin Sociology...

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