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Solutions03_Values - PROJECT#1 Stellar Astrophysics Values...

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PROJECT #1 Stellar Astrophysics Values T Term 1 Term 2 Term 3 N_II / N_I Term 1 Term 2 Term 3 N_III / N_II N_II / N_tota A 12200 3.3689E-18 3.2539E+27 6.9075E-11 7.572E-01 8.4223E-19 3.2539E+27 3.3951E-23 9.305E-14 4.309E-01 B 12400 3.4241E-18 3.3343E+27 1.0074E-10 1.150E+00 8.5603E-19 3.3343E+27 7.8210E-23 2.232E-13 5.349E-01 C 12600 3.4794E-18 3.4153E+27 1.4517E-10 1.725E+00 8.6984E-19 3.4153E+27 1.7545E-22 5.212E-13 6.330E-01 D 12800 3.5346E-18 3.4969E+27 2.0682E-10 2.556E+00 8.8365E-19 3.4969E+27 3.8379E-22 1.186E-12 7.188E-01 E 13000 3.5898E-18 3.5792E+27 2.9147E-10 3.745E+00 8.9746E-19 3.5792E+27 8.1954E-22 2.633E-12 7.893E-01 F 13200 3.6450E-18 3.6621E+27 4.0651E-10 5.426E+00 9.1126E-19 3.6621E+27 1.7103E-21 5.707E-12 8.444E-01 G 13400 3.7003E-18 3.7457E+27 5.6135E-10 7.780E+00 9.2507E-19 3.7457E+27 3.4915E-21 1.210E-11 8.861E-01 H 13600 3.7555E-18 3.8298E+27 7.6784E-10 1.104E+01 9.3888E-19 3.8298E+27 6.9800E-21 2.510E-11 9.170E-01 I 13800 3.8107E-18 3.9146E+27 1.0408E-09 1.553E+01
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