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6 .1 THE IDEA The idea we have generated from our multiple team meetings is that we would like to promote good health and exercise by holding an event that we have labelled as “Move-A- Palooza .” This event will include various activities that relate to promoting good health and physical fitness . These activities include having a Wii with sporting activities ready to play with, an Xbox Kinect, a ping pong table, foosball table and many more . Our concept is demographically aimed at tweens and teenagers for the reason that they are the ones who will carry on the lessons that they learn today towards their future . We hope to promote a healthier lifestyle and to educate those who attend our event on how to make better decisions in regards to their health and diet . We hope to reach children and influence them that a healthy lifestyle does
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Unformatted text preview: not always have to be boring and that you can actually have fun and stay fit at the same time . Studies exhibit that children who tend to live a healthy lifestyle develop proper growth and development of their mind and body . This will allow them to focus more on school and get the desired results they have been longing for in terms of academics . Health education will enhance the quality of life these individuals wish to live, and reduce premature deaths . If Move-A-Paloozas objective is reached and we change the lives of as many individuals as we can, then we know this concept actually works and can possible make a difference on a bigger scale if promoted and operated the right way ....
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