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The letter  t   Another letter that is softer in Spanish than English is the  t . It is especially soft when followed by an  r:  The sound of the  tr  in  triple  would sound more like  tl . Try to say  tratar  without moving your tongue  away from the back of your teeth. If you say the  t  as you would in English, you will have a slight  accent but will be easily understood. Don't forget that the  t  will never be doubled when spelling  Spanish words.  The letters  b  and  v   Many uneducated Spanish speakers have difficulty determining whether to use a  b  or  v  when  spelling a word. Both sound like a combination of  bv . To make the sound, start out making the  sound and slur it into the  v  sound. English speakers usually forget to pronounce the two letters the 
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Unformatted text preview: same, so their instinct is to spell vivir or beber correctly because, in their minds, the first word still sounds like it begins with a v and the second word still sounds like it begins with a b . This pronunciation error is helpful with spelling, but until your b 's and v 's sound like some mixture of both, you'll have an English accent. One helpful point about the similarity of b and v in Spanish: Sometimes, it can be easy to recognize a word that is similar to English if you imagine the word with a v instead of a b, or vice versa. For example, the verb go b ernar means to go v ern....
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