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Every sentence must have a subject. Any pronoun used to replace a noun that serves as the subject  of the sentence comes from the subject case and is called a “subject pronoun.” Subject pronouns  have been used throughout this text in conjugation charts; the order in which subject pronouns  appear in conjugation charts is important because the other cases of pronouns are written in the  same order. Note the order and grouping of the pronouns in Table 
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Unformatted text preview: 1 . Notice that nosotros/nosotras is across from yo; vosotros/vosotras is across from tú; él is across from ellos; ella is across from ellas; and usted is across from ustedes . It is important to maintain this form when you write the pronouns in a conjugation chart. TABLE 1 Subject Pronoun Chart yo nosotros/nosotras tú vosotros/vosotras él ellos ella ellas usted ustedes...
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