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93 - learn to predict the conjugation patterns when you...

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Verbs in Spanish that are completely regular in the present tense except for the  yo  form are called  yo irregulars   . There is an entirely new tense called the present subjunctive. This tense is based on  the  yo  form, so it will be extremely important to know the irregular  yo  form of the useful verbs below  and remember that all of the other forms of these verbs are regular. Verbs with a similar irregular  yo  form are grouped together to help you remember them.  It is quite common to make verbs by adding a prefix to a simple verb. The verb with the prefix is  conjugated like the simple verb, so look for examples of this at the end of each list of verbs. Also, 
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Unformatted text preview: learn to predict the conjugation patterns when you notice that a new verb has a prefix preceding a simple verb that you already know how to conjugate. Just in case you forget the regular present tense endings of verbs, Tables 1 , 2 , and 3 can help refresh your memory. The yo form is not included in these charts because it will be irregular for the first group of verbs you will learn. TABLE 1 Regular -ar Verb Endings Subject Ending Subject Ending yo-?? nosotros/nosotras-amos t-as vosotros/vosotras-is l-a ellos-an ella-a ellas-an usted-a ustedes-an...
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