98 - and sustraigo Three common-go verbs are also...

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Atraer  (to attract),  contraer  (to contract),  retraer  (to bring back), and  sustraer  (to subtract) are good  examples of verbs composed of a basic verb that you know (in this case,  traer ) and different prefixes  a-, con-, re-,  and  sus- ). You should be able to predict the  yo  form of these verbs (  atraigo,  contraigo, retraigo,
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Unformatted text preview: and sustraigo ). Three common -go verbs are also stem-changing verbs. The irregular - go ending of the yo form is included below to keep the list of -go verbs complete. tener (to have [possession]) yo form: tengo venir (to come) yo form: vengo decir (to say, to tell) yo form: digo...
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