101 - yo form, which ends in - zco . conducir (to drive) yo...

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Desaparecer  (to disappear) is a good example of a basic verb that you know (  aparecer ) and a prefix  des- ).  Desconocer  (to be ignorant) and  reconocer  (to recognize) are also good examples of a basic  verb that you know (  conocer ) and different prefixes (  des-  and  re- ).  Many verbs end in  -ucir;  these are regular in all forms but the 
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Unformatted text preview: yo form, which ends in - zco . conducir (to drive) yo form: conduzco deducir (to deduce) yo form: deduzco introducir (to introduce) yo form: introduzco lucir (to wear, to light up, to display) yo form: luzco producir (to produce) yo form: produzco reducir (to reduce) yo form: reduzco traducir (to translate) yo form: traduzco...
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