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111 - conjugating these verbs is easy For all stem-changers...

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For the verbs presented so far, the ending is what is irregular. There is, however, a different kind of  predictable verb conjugation in which the stem of the verb changes and the endings are normal— even the  yo  form! The stem of a verb is what is left when you remove the infinitive ending (  -ar, -er,  or  ir ).  Because the stem of the verb changes, these verbs are called stem-changing verbs, or stem- changers. You must learn each particular verb and remember that it is a stem-changer. It is  impossible to identify that a verb is a stem-changer by simply looking at the infinitive unless you  recognize a previously learned stem-changer with a prefix. The hardest part about stem-changers is that you have to memorize the verbs in which stem  changes occur. Once you memorize the type of stem change a verb undergoes, the actual patterns  of the stem-changing verbs are quite simple; because all the conjugation endings are regular, 
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Unformatted text preview: conjugating these verbs is easy. For all stem-changers, it is always the stressed syllable that changes. Stem-changing verbs are so common that most dictionaries inform you of the stem change in the entry even before giving the verb's translation. There are basically three different ways in which the stem of a verb can change in the present tense. The verbs listed below are grouped according to the type of stem change they undergo. When you learn the meanings of the verbs below, memorize what kind of stem change each undergoes as well. The patterns for stem-changing verbs are very consistent. All forms of the verb will undergo a stem change except for nosotros/nosotras and vosotros/vosotras . The best way to see the patterns is to consider a few examples....
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