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118 - TABLE 3 Conjugation Chart for the Verb Def e nder(to...

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Notice that, in the verbs below, the -  er  ending is not part of the stem, so  perder  and  querer  only  have one  e  in the stem. When verbs like  defender  and  entender  have two  e 's in the stem, the second  one, closer to the end, will undergo a stem change. See Table 3  for a sample conjugation chart. 
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Unformatted text preview: TABLE 3 Conjugation Chart for the Verb Def e nder (to Defend) Subject Verb Subject Verb yo def ie ndo nosotros/nosotras defendemos tú def ie ndes vosotros/vosotras defendéis él def ie nde ellos def ie nden ella def ie nde ellas def ie nden usted def ie nde ustedes def ie nden...
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