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131 - is the only example of an o>ue stem-changer TABLE...

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Devolver (o>ue ) (to return an object, to give something back) and  envolver (o>ue ) (to wrap up) are  good examples of a basic verb that you know (  volver ) and different prefixes (  de-  and  en- ).  By now, you understand that a stem-changing verb will have regular verb endings, so Table 8
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Unformatted text preview: is the only example of an o>ue stem-changer. TABLE 8 Conjugation Chart for the Verb M o ver (to Move) Subject Verb Subject Verb yo m ue vo nosotros/nosotras movemos tú m ue ves vosotros/vosotras movéis él m ue ve ellos m ue ven ella m ue ve ellas m ue ven usted m ue ve ustedes m ue ven...
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