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e>i  stem-changers  Here's a test of your grasp of formal logic: All  e>i  stem-changing verbs are  -ir  verbs, but not all -  ir  verbs are  e>i  stem-changers. Consider the earlier list of  e>ie  stem-changers; some of them are  -ir  verbs. This means that when you learn an -  ir  verb that undergoes a stem change, you have to be  careful to remember whether it undergoes an 
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Unformatted text preview: e>ie or e>i stem change. Fortunately, the list of e>i stem-changing verbs is short, and it is true that only - ir verbs can undergo an e>i stem change. Common e>i stem-changing verbs: bendecir (e>i ) to bless colegir (e>i ) to deduce competir (e>i ) to compete corregir (e>i ) to correct...
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