155 - (to pray) in Table 3 is an example of how to...

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You may have already learned a simple rule about the letter  z  in Spanish: “Whenever  z  is followed by  e , it changes to  c .” This rule is important in the preterit tense of verbs ending in -  zar  because the  must change to  c  before adding the -  é  ending in the  yo  form. The preterit conjugation of the verb  rezar
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Unformatted text preview: (to pray) in Table 3 is an example of how to conjugate the - zar verbs in the list that follows. TABLE 3 Preterit Forms of the Verb Rezar (to Pray) Subject Verb Subject Verb yo rec nosotros/nosotras rezamos t rezaste vosotros/vosotras rezasteis l rez ellos rezaron ella rez ellas rezaron usted rez ustedes rezaron...
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