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1 Kujawa Karoline Kujawa LIT2020 Emily Alford October 29, 2011 The Metamorphosis Literary movements have been a huge part of our culture throughout history, even though it may not seem like it. The way time periods have changed has caused a drastic change on the cultures, individuals, societies, just as much as the literary works. The story that I have decided to make into a modern day novel is “The Metamorphosis” by Frank Kafka. This story was published in 1915 and is about a man who has to take care of his family and pay off their debt. He works as a traveling salesman and loathes his boring day-to-day job that stresses him out. He yearns to be independent and stop having his family depend on him. Back in 1915, a cockroach was a perfect example of a pest that nobody wanted around. Gregor turning into a cockroach is a symbol of how he belittles his life and becomes a pest and disgust to his family. Now a day, in the modern world this could be altered a little bit because of the way literary movements have changed. In our culture today, someone who is very stressed and fed up with his or her life turns to a way to get out. This happens a lot but instead of seeing themselves as bugs they use drugs to release their pain and cope with their stress. I have seen this happen to many young adults on one of my favorite shows “Intervention”. This show is a huge hit on A&E that depicts the lives of adults who live normal lives and because of a drastic event, become drug
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2 addicts to cope with their troubles. Here is my modern day story of “The Metamorphosis”. Blake is a young, white man who lives a regular life except for the fact that his family doesn’t know how to stay on their feet. He feels obligated to support his family because without him, they would probably not survive. He pays their bills even though they are perfectly capable to get jobs on their own. He struggles daily at his boring job as
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Creative Essay - 1 Kujawa Karoline Kujawa LIT2020 Emily...

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