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bcmb8190_problemSet6 - HSQC-NOESY experiment(omit use of...

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BCMB/CHEM 8190 Problem Set 6 1) A NOESY experiment is conducted on a small protein using a short mixing time (50ms). Crosspeaks are observed and integrated for a glycine residue. Using the distance between the two alpha protons in this amino acid (0.175nm) as a distance standard, and the following crosspeak intensity data, estimate the dihedral angle phi (N-C α bond) for this amino acid. Use other standard bond and angle geometries as necessary. Ha1 - Ha2 28.0 Ha1 - HN 1.6 Ha2 - HN 0.5 2) Sketch a pulse sequence for a 3D NOESY-HSQC experiment and one for a 3D
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Unformatted text preview: HSQC-NOESY experiment (omit use of phase cycling and gradients). What are some potential advantages and disadvantages of each? 3) The following is a pulse sequence for a gradient enhanced 2-quantum filtered homonuclear COSY. What should the relative values of the gradients G1 and G2 be? The last gradient will result in some phase distortions because of the finite delay before t2 acquisition. How might you improve the pulse sequence? 90x 90x 90x t1 -G1 G2...
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