Plant roots are expected to respire c with differing

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Unformatted text preview: Expected that root respiration would have 14C isotope values similar to atmospheric concentrations not the case Carbon fueling root respiration is up to several years old Heterotrophic respiration pools from carbon stores averaging a residence time of 10 years Heterotrophic respiration accounts for over half of total soil respiration Peatlands Peatland ecosystems cover 2530% of boreal forest region globally Southernmost occurrence of permafrost is restricted to peatlands Records show increases in nearsurface permafrost temperatures over past several decades in response to changing air temperatures and snow cover this has triggered widespread permafrost degradation Recent study by Turetsky et al. 2007 found that loss of surface permafrost in peatlands increases net carbon storage as peat accumulation is increased CH4 emissions increase and in around 70 years, offset carbon sink in terms of radiative forcing Effects of Permafrost Melt on Infrastructure Barrow, Alaska Effects of Permafrost Melt on...
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