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Section I Your Typical Response to Stress We all find ourselves in stressful situations from time to time. If we didn't, life would be a bore. It would be too predictable, too routine, and because of that, it would be stressful. It is not that we have stress that is the problem; it is that we do not respond to or manage it well. Some people become aggressive when that is an inappropriate reaction. These are the people who get into fights, either verbal or physical. Others make poor decisions in an attempt to manage the stress. They may drink alcohol or use other drugs to alleviate the stress. Yet, when the drug wears off, the stressful situation or feelings remain. Still others ignore the need to act altogether. This “head in the sand” approach to coping is usually ineffective since, as when drugs are used, the situation remains unchanged, waiting for the head to resurface. Do any of these descriptions apply to you? To help you answer that question, and to assess how you typically react to stress, we present the
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