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9. Sharon works on an assembly line where she watches metal fittings go by all day long. An appropriate way for Sharon to reduce her stress would be to: A. bring in a soft cushion for her chair. B. ask her boss if she can listen to a radio as she works. C. see if she can work through lunch so that she can finish her work as quickly as possible. D. None of the above. 10. Karen had been planning on taking a week off from work. Now her boss tells Karen that it is impossible for her to have the vacation time she had planned. An appropriate way for Karen to reduce her stress would be to: A. threaten to switch jobs unless she can take her vacation as planned. B. act as if she didn't want the time off that much anyway. C. tell her boss that she's disappointed and ask if she can take the time off next month. D. None of the above. 11. Phyllis has four final exams and only two days left to study for them. An appropriate way for Phyllis to reduce her stress would be to: A. take her mind off her own tests by helping a friend study. B.
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