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Stress Mgmt Quiz 1 pg4

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15. Joyce must speak to a large group of people and keeps thinking about the time she was giving a speech in front of her class and forgot what she was to say. An appropriate way for Joyce to reduce her stress would be to: A. set aside some time before the speech to relax. B. remember as many details as she can about her previous experience giving a speech. C. keep her hands busy while she gives the speech. D. None of the above. SCORING* Assign yourself one point for each of the following responses: 1. C 9. B 2. D 10. C 3. C 11. C 4. B 12. B 5. A 13. D 6. D 14. D 7. C 15. A 8. B These are the appropriate responses to each situation described. If you made other choices, you did not react the most effective way. You might have reacted in an unhealthy way, as when you skip lunch to reduce stress resulting from a noisy work environment as in the situation described in item 2. Or you may have chosen an ineffective response, as when you take on as much work as you can to keep busy when overwhelmed with stress from a new job in a new city as in situation 1. Another
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