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4. Being rejected from something because you're too old 5. Having a relationship break up Right now there are situations in your life that are causing you a great deal of stress. You may not like where you live, or with whom you're living, or the work you're doing. You may not feel you have enough time to yourself or for leisure activities. You may not like the way you look. You may be in poor health. You may be alone. Some of these stressors you may be able to change; some you will not be able to change. You now know, however, that you can become selectively aware of their positive components while de-emphasizing (though not denying) their disturbing features. Below, list these stressors, and list the positive aspects of each upon which you will choose to focus: SELECTIVE AWARENESS: Stressors and Their Positive Aspects
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Unformatted text preview: 1. Stressor: Positive Aspect: 2. Stressor: Positive Aspect: 3. Stressor: Positive Aspect: Why not go even further? Each time you do something that works out well, keep the memory of that with you. Tell others how proud of yourself you are. Pat yourself on the back. Take time just before bed (or some other convenient time of day) to recall all the good things about that day. Don't be like some of your friends who can't sleep because they still feel embarrassed about something they did that day or worried about something over which they have no control. In the words of a best seller of several years ago, “Be your own best friend.” Revel in your good points and the glory of your day. 6 gre06755_ch01.qxd 4/8/05 11:13 AM Page 6...
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