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Dweck by Gary Salomon

Dweck by Gary Salomon - Dweck Summary Gary Salomon In this...

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Dweck Summary Gary Salomon In this article, Carol Dweck verifies that learning with the perspective of a growth mindset leads one to achieve greater success in life than of someone with a fixed mindset by the use of historical figures, personal experiences, and as well as various studies. Dweck challenges the common misconception of people being born into success by revealing the truth behind well- known historical figures. The truth that Thomas Edison didn’t invent the light bulb in one night upholds that was his mindset and drive that separated him from the ordinary Midwestern boys he grew up with and not his divine genus. With this in mind, all great figures in history demonstrated their achievements through a growth mindset by which enabled them to strive towards their goals with focus and persistence. Another tool Dweck uses to show the superior traits of a growth over a fixed mindset is her references from personal experiences. By discussing the time when she
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