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Salomon 1 Gary Salomon N00798522 Professor Di Leo ENC 1101 2 August 2011 Part 1: Final Reflection Just as the wind and the waves on the water, rhetorical situations in a discourse cannot be avoided; however, if understood, can be used to control the discourse to the rhetor’s liking. In this essay, I will rhetorically analyze the course of English Composition as if it were a text itself. Furthermore, I will emphasize the impact this course has had on my own writing and the importance of the concepts that this course attempts to teach. The works of Dweck, Kimball, Grant-Davie, Hass, Flower, Porter, and Gee come together to form a discourse of rhetorical ideas that has changed the way I approach the writings of others. As a result, my own writing has become stronger and more efficient with each discourse I compose, bringing me one step closer to becoming a master of the rhetorical situation. In this course, my fellow students and I were given articles with the objective of dissecting them into their various rhetorical parts. The author, audience, text, and context are the four unifying parts that create a rhetorical situation. With this in mind, my skills as a writer before going into this course helped me identify these sections; however, it wasn’t until finishing this course that I was able to apply the author’s meaning and purpose behind what I found. This change in my rhetorical view has opened my mind to the idea that discourses everywhere, whether on paper or by mouth, are constantly trying to persuade us (the audience) by use of rhetorical strategies. During my progress in this course, I came across constraints that challenged my writing as well as interest in the topics presented in these texts. Constraints such as poor article structure weighed down the course as a whole by appearing inconsistent and purposeless. Articles from
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Salomon 2 Kimball and Gee contained no thesis to organize their main ideas. This failure to help identify the purpose in their article posed as a huge constraint while analyzing the texts rhetorically. The purposes behind these works come together to form a universal exigence that is
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Final Reflection - Salomon 1 Gary Salomon N00798522...

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