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Gary Salomon English 1101 Professor Di Leo July 29, 2011 REALLY Short Paper 4 In “Literacy, Discourse, and Linguistics: Introduction,” James Paul Gee describes a Discourse as “instructions on how to act, talk, and often write, so as to take on a particular role that others will recognize” (98). With this in mind, one cannot “more or less” be a part of a Discourse without being recognized by others as a full member of it, right? Wrong, this claim by Gee is incorrect and contradicts his very own logic used in his article. In his article, Gee states that people are born in into a Discourse and immediately become shaped by the others within. However, Gee fails to address his argument’s hole that some people are born in divorced, mixed
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Unformatted text preview: cultured, or traveling families. In all of these cases the subject grows up in different environments throughout their early life, causing the person to be accepted in a variety of Primary Discourses and taking on each unique “identity kit” (98). Furthermore, Gee doesn’t address those who have split personality disorders or those who wake up in a hospital and don’t know who they are. How do these people fully embrace one Discourse? All of these holes illustrate the flaws in Gee’s claim that a person can’t “more or less” be embodied in a Discourse. For all of these reasons, a person can embody more than one Discourse and be recognized as a full member by each....
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