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Long Paper Marijuana - Gary Salomon Professor Di Leo...

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Gary Salomon Professor Di Leo English Composition 1101 17 July 2011 Long Paper #1 Whether treating for pain or just recreational practice, people across America have been using marijuana since the first days of first colonization. Even after the illegalization of marijuana in the 1980’s, many American consumers still continued to use the drug for various purposes , disregarding law. However, it wasn’t until recently that the debate over legalizing marijuana in America began to emerge. As a result, politicians and journalists across the United States have been publicizing their various opinions over the heated debate. The authors’ opposing views between the balance of economical profit and nationwide health forge a wall of conflicting values that divide the audience both politically as well as morally. With this in mind, the authors of these arguments reveal their differences in political ideology through their use of the rhetorical constituents outlined by Keith Grant-Davie in his article, “ Rhetorical Situations and Their Constituents.” Throughout their argument, each author reveals exigence as they use rhetorical strategies to persuade their audience to see things on their side of the issue. As defined by Grant-Davie, the exigence displays the rhetor’s purpose in writing the discourse (113). The authors of these sources display a certain tone that is unique to each argument in order to persuade and connect the audience toward his or her purpose. In “Why Legalizing Marijuana Makes Sense,” Joe Klein begins his argument by connecting to his audience through his opening narrative that pokes fun at the elderly such as himself. This short, but sweet narrative, creates a lighthearted relationship
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between the rhetor and his audience. Klein’s playful tone toward his audience can be seen during the various parts of the discourse as he explains the economic benefits of legalizing marijuana
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Long Paper Marijuana - Gary Salomon Professor Di Leo...

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