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Rhetorical Worksheet - Rhetorical Worksheet Article Title:...

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Rhetorical Worksheet Article Title: Identity, Self-Reflection, and Inner Speech Student: Gary Salomon (n00798522) 1. MAIN IDEA 5 pts. (i) State the main idea in one sentence (for example, James Porter argues . . .). The article suggests that inner thought is not limited by genetics or childhood memories, but rather something that can be shaped to enable someone to become who they want to be. (ii) State the object of study (what is the text “about”). The focus of study in this article is the self-reflection of an individual and how they use inner thought to solve problems and react with others. 2. AUTHOR 5 pts. (i) Who is the author and what is her profession or background? A. Samuel Kimball has a Ph.D in English and is a professor at the University of Florida. (ii) What is the date of publication? Copyright 2009 3. STRUCTURE 10 pts. (i) Identify the main sections. 5 pts. Introduction to Self-Talk A Thought Experiment Initial Questions About Self-Talk The Childhood Roots of Identity First and Third Person Consciousness Shaping Your Brain – Taking Responsibility For Your Self-Talk (ii) Identify the documentation format. 2.5 pts. The article gives numbers throughout the text that the reader can reference for additional documentation in the Note: section at the end of the article. (iii)Identify any narratives (stories) and their purpose (
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Rhetorical Worksheet - Rhetorical Worksheet Article Title:...

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