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Rhetorical Worksheet-2 - Rhetorical Worksheet REWRITE...

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Rhetorical Worksheet REWRITE Article Title: “Rhetorical Situations and Their Constituents” Student: Gary Salomon 1. MAIN IDEA 5 pts. (i) State the main idea in one sentence (for example, James Porter argues . . .). In his article, Keith Grant-Davie emphasizes the complex variety of rhetorical situations and encourages students to use these strategies of asking questions in order to understand the nature of persuasion. (ii) State the object of study (what is the text “about”). This article by Keith Grant-Davie presents constitutes of writing by defining them and by showing how and where to use them. 2. AUTHOR 5 pts. (i) Who is the author and what is her profession or background? Keith Grant-Davie it the associate professor of English and director of graduate studies at Utah State University. (ii) What is the date of publication? 1997 3. STRUCTURE 10 pts. (i) Identify the main sections. 5 pts. Introduction - Rhetorical Situations Exigence - The Matter And Motivation Of The Discourse Rhetor - Those People, Real Or Imagined, Responsible For The Discourse And Its Authorial Voice Audience -Those People, Real Or Imagined, With Whom Rhetor’s Negotiate Through Discourse
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Rhetorical Worksheet-2 - Rhetorical Worksheet REWRITE...

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