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Gary Salomon English 1101 Professor Di Leo July 24, 2011 Short Paper 1 REWRITE In his article “Identity, Self-reflection, and Inner Speech,” Samuel Kimball uses strategies such as rhetorical questions, professional studies, and the development of a person’s mind through childhood to strengthen his argument that inner thought can be shaped to become something more complex. Throughout the article, Kimball presents rhetorical questions in order to invoke thoughts of self-reflection within the reader. By doing this, the reader begins to think in outside perspectives that will enable the reader to then develop a sharper understanding of their own self-reflection. Questions like “Are you hard on yourself”(Kimball, 177) open the reader’s mind to the subject through a pathos argument. Moreover, Kimball uses third person perspective to essentially warm up the reader to a higher level of thinking for this topic. Another strategy used by Kimball to fulfill his intentions is his use of professional studies of the topic of inner-thought. The studies presented by Kimball support the article’s main theme by persuasion of lagos. By
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