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Gary Salomon N00798522 August 3, 2011 Second Assessment: Trend In his article, “The End of Reading,” David Trend emphasizes that the rise of technology in society is demanding writers to change their entire outlook on how to connect their message to the audience. Trend addresses, “The Death of the Author,” by Roland Barthes, to reveal that the idea of a reader participating equally in writing as much as the author has been around for a long time. With this in mind, it is up to the audience on how to interpret an author’s text, making the audience just as significant as the writer when making sense of a text. For the question “Whose opinion matters?”, Trend reveals the answer that anybody can be significant by being part of the bigger picture. Therefore, everyone who creates a discourse becomes relevant in this new reading world of online articles. In a world full of this networking technology, literally anyone can be a writer. With this in mind, Trend believes that this new technology won’t be, “
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