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Summary of Study Objectives 1 Indicate the benefits of budgeting. The primary advantages requires management to plan ahead, (b) provides definite obje performance, (c) creates an early warning system for potentia coordination of activities, (e) results in greater management a personnel to meet planned objectives. 2 State the essentials of effective budgeting. The essentials of sound organizational structure, (b) research and analysis, and management. 3 Identify the budgets that comprise the master budget. following budgets: (a) sales, (b) production, (c) direct materia manufacturing overhead, (f) selling and administrative expens statement, (h) capital expenditure budget, (i) cash budget, and
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Unformatted text preview: 4 Describe the sources for preparing the budgeted income st income statement is prepared from (a) the sales budget, (b) th direct labor, and manufacturing overhead, and (c) the selling a budget. 5 Explain the principal sections of a cash budget. (receipts, disbursements, and financing) and the beginning an 6 Indicate the applicability of budgeting in nonmanufacturin may be used by merchandisers for development of a merchan service enterprises budgeting is a critical factor in coordinatin services. In not-for-profit organizations, the starting point in b expenditures, not receipts....
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