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Exam_3_Review_Sheet_(Tro)_2011 - Review Sheet Exam 3 Chem...

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Review Sheet Exam 3 Chem 101 S. Bontems Chapter 6 - Main Topics Use Hess’s law to calculate enthalpies of reactions. Use enthalpies of formation to calculate enthalpies of reactions. Write chemical equations corresponding to the enthalpy of formation of a compound. Chapter 7 - Main Topics Know the information about wavelength, frequency and energy and how they relate. Calculate between frequency, wavelength and energy. Understand the principles of Bohr’s Model of an atom and how this can be used to explain line spectra. Questions will be asked to check your understanding of the concepts and terminology, such as the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle and the concept of orbitals. Review your notes and discussions as well as the chapter. Quantum numbers - be able to do all types of problems related to quantum numbers - see text assignments, lecture and discussion problems, old exams and quizzes. Know how quantum numbers specify orbitals and know orbital shapes for s, p and d.
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