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Unformatted text preview: Name: ___________________________________ CH101 Bond Types and Polarity – Study Guide sections 9.6, 10.5 and 10.7 in the textbook Bond and Molecular Polarity (sections 9.6, 10.5) Define electronegativity. Classify the following bonds as polar or nonpolar. For polar bonds, use δ + and δ − to indicate the polarity of the bonds. F – Cl C – S H – Br B – H Cl – S Draw Lewis structures for CO2 and H2O showing the correct bond angles. Indicate the direction of polarity of the bonds on each molecule. Which molecule is polar? Explain your choice. Sigma and Pi Bonds (section 10.7) When orbitals overlap end to end a ______________ bond is formed. All single bonds are ______________ bonds. When ______ orbitals overlap side to side a __________ bond is formed. A double bond consists of _____ sigma bond and _____ pi bond(s). A triple bond consists of ______ sigma bond and _____ pi bond(s). End of Chapter Practice Problems Tro First Edition: in chapter 9 ‐ #55 in chapter 10 ‐ #45, 47, 59 Tro Second Edition: in chapter 9 ‐ #55 In chapter 10 ‐ #47, 49, 61 answers are located in Appendix III of the textbook Take the Quiz on Blackboard 2 ...
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