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Student Name - Lai Yin Win 11523, Apperson Way, Germantown, MD, 20876 240-316-9482 Counsellor's Name - Ada Garcia Casellas Montgomery Community College 20200, Observation Drive, Germantown, MD, 20874 240-567-1801 Being an international student, there were a lot of difficulties when I first came to the United States as if like someone from a country side came to a New York City. Trying to adapt to a totally new environment with new people and trying to cope with the culture at the same time gave me a really hard time. At that time while I was feeling homesick and lonely, I did counsellor shopping at my college for my future, then fortunately, I have met an excellent international counsellor who gave me a great moral support and a motivation at the same time. Her name is Ms. Ada Garcia Casellas. Now she is someone whom I can lean on in this big country where there is no family members for someone like me. Since
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