Exam 3 eng 190

Exam 3 eng 190 - Ali Ahmed. Prof. Aiuto Examination Three....

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Prof. Aiuto Examination Three. 1) “Tonight I Can write” made an immediate impact upon me when I first read it. It is a beautifully articulated poem. Few poems can have an immediate and a forceful impact on the readers, and this poem is one of them. As one is reading it, they are almost forced to feel the emotions that the author is going through. The poem is written in simple yet beautiful language. The author takes us on a journey. It is a journey to the depths of his heart, the inner most feelings of his love and passion he once felt for his lover (a women). A little further reading of the poem also reveals that the author is writing this poem almost in an effort to find closure. "Tonight I Can Write " is a poem about memories of lost love and the pain which accompanies it. Throughout the poem the author recalls the details of a relationship which exists no more. The author also compares images of the passion he felt for the woman he loved with the loneliness he experiences in the present. He is now at some distance from the relationship and so acknowledges, "tonight I can write the saddest lines," which suggests that the pain he suffered after losing his lover had previously prevented any remembrance or descriptions of it. The author concludes the poem by coming full circle with his past feelings and tells us that he has somewhat found peace with himself. He tells the readers that he shall suffer no more after writing this poem. Although the mood of the poem is very sad and gloomy, in my opinion the author ends up telling us one very important thing about life: life stops for no one or anything and time heals even the deepest wound, even the wound of a lost love. 2) Comparing the two poems, “The Soldier”, by Rupert Brooke, and “Dulce et Decorum Est”, by Wilferd Owen, I liked “Dulce et Decorum Est”. While “The Soldier” is an excellent poem, I believe it is does not capture the truth of war and the bloody and gory sights that come with it. The poem by Brooke has a rather patriotic feeling to it and one can conclude that it was written
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Exam 3 eng 190 - Ali Ahmed. Prof. Aiuto Examination Three....

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