bootcamp - Ali Ahmed HE 109(Prof. Curling) Military Bootcamp

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Ali Ahmed HE 109(Prof. Curling) Military Bootcamp Injuries/Ailments. They protect our borders during war time and peace. They are often called America’s finest, bravest, best, and brightest. Motto’s like, “the few the proud”, “be all you can be”, “cross into the blue”, are all associated with them. Yes, the subject is the US military. America boosts a large and efficient military. The young men and women in uniform are also one of the most physically and mentally fit individuals in the country. The transformation from a being civilian to a military personal does not happen overnight. One has to go through a series of training and test in order to be a called a Soldier, Marine, Sailor, Airmen/women, and a Coast Guard. This experience is wrapped up into one place and regimen: boot camp. For each service, the boot camp duration, and training varies. But the objective is always clear; to transform civilians into military personal. For most, boot camp is the most challenging time of their lives, both physically and mentally. Others breeze through it. Whatever the individual’s fitness level may be, injuries still occur at boot camp. They can range from sprains, broken bones, dehydration, fungus, animal bites etc. For most part, it stops training for a few days for recruits, but for others it means weeks of missed training and in some cases getting dropped and being sent home. This paper shall look at some of the common injuries and other medical conditions that arise while training, or as a result of training, for recruits while going through boot camp. For this, the paper will study the Marine Corps boot camp. Marine Corps Boot Camp: The Marine Corps boot camp is 13 weeks long, and divided into three phases. First phase consists of basic learning, physical and mental conditioning. Second phase concentrates on rifle training, and third phase is field training. It is important to note that
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physical conditioning takes place in all phases. The Marine Corps boot camp is situated in San
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bootcamp - Ali Ahmed HE 109(Prof. Curling) Military Bootcamp

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