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6.003: Signals and Systems 6.003: Signals and Systems Signals and Systems February 2, 2010 6.003: Homework Doing the homework is essential for understanding the content. where subject matter is/isn’t learned equivalent to “practice” in sports or music Weekly Homework Assignments Conventional Homework Problems plus Engineering Design Problems (Python/Matlab) Open Office Hours ! Stata Basement (32-044) Mondays and Tuesdays, afternoons and early evenings 6.003 At-A-Glance Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Feb 2 L1: Signals and Systems R1: Continuous & Discrete Systems L2: Discrete-Time Systems R2: Difference Equations Feb 9 L3: Feedback, Cycles, and Modes HW1 due R3: Feedback, Cycles, and Modes L4: CT Operator Representations R4: CT Systems Feb 16 Presidents Day: Monday Schedule HW2 due R5: CT Operator Representations L5: Second-Order Systems R6: Second-Order Systems Feb 23 L6: Laplace and Z Transforms HW3 due R7: Laplace and Z Transforms L7: Transform Properties R8: Transform Properties Mar 2 L8: Convolution; Impulse Response EX4 Exam 1 no recitation L9: Frequency Response R9: Convolution and Freq. Resp. Mar 9 L10: Bode Diagrams HW5 due R10: Bode Diagrams L11: DT Feedback and Control R11: Feedback and Control Mar 16 L12: CT Feedback and Control HW6 due R12: CT Feedback and Control L13: CT Feedback and Control R13: CT Feedback and Control Mar 23 Spring Week Mar 30 L14: CT Fourier Series HW7 R14: CT Fourier Series L15: CT Fourier Series R15: CT Fourier Series Apr 6 L16: CT Fourier Transform EX8 due Exam 2 no recitation L17: CT Fourier Transform R16: CT Fourier Transform Apr 13 L18: DT Fourier Transform HW9 due R17: DT Fourier Transform L19: DT Fourier Transform R18: DT Fourier Transform Apr 20 Patriots Day Vacation HW10 R19: Fourier Transforms L20: Fourier Relations R20: Fourier Relations Apr 27 L21: Sampling EX11 due Exam 3 no recitation L22: Sampling R21: Sampling May 4 L23: Modulation HW12 due R22: Modulation L24: Modulation R23: Modulation May 11 L25: Applications of 6.003 EX13 R24: Review Breakfast with Staff Study Period May 18 Final Examination Period Lecture 1 February
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MIT6_003S10_lec01_handout - 6.003: Signals and Systems...

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