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3/22/07 Film - Neo-realism is a style more than a genre (for flexibility reasons – a style is MUCH more flexible) - The “old” realism…shows more gritty side of life, rather than the perfect life that was seen in these “white telephone” propaganda movies…also to set apart the real life from the life that Hollywood paints (addressing 2 fronts: Italian cinema before the war, and the false image of realism from Hollywood.) - What is “realism”?. ..an attempt to try and portray reality (although will never be able to due to different perspectives on everything) -part of the neo-realism was a move away from professional actors (casting based more on an image or “feel” more than the acting skill. ..gives more of the real “feel” to it). -often shot on location (studios bombed to hell, easier for the Italian public to identify
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Unformatted text preview: with, allows the unpredictable to happen – the possibility of chance important to neo-realism)-2 purposes/unintentional results of Italian neo-realism: keeps record of the physical devastation of the country, and the moral devastation after the Mussolini years.-can’t judge the character in neo-realism movies because we don’t know everything going on in these people’s lives.- The Bicycle Thieves-Screenplay by Cesare Zavattini & Vittorio de Sica, et al., based on a novel by Luigi Bartolini.-Cinematography: Carlo Montouri-Film Editor: Eraldo Da Roma-Music by Alessandro Cicognini-Lamberto Maggiorani as Antonio Ricci-Enzo Stalola as Bruno Ricci-Liane Carell as Maria Ricci-Vittorio Antonucci as the thief.-bicycle my be the simplest McGuffin in the history of the cinema...
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