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Clif Fonstad, 9/29/09 Lecture 6 - Slide 1 Announcements First Hour Exam - Oct. 7, 7:30-9:30 pm; thru 10/2/09, PS #4 Review Minority carrier flow in QNRs: 1. L min << w, 2. L min >> w I-V relationship for an abrupt p-n junction Assume: 1. Low level injection 2. All applied voltage appears across junction: 3. Majority carriers in quasi-equilibrium with barrier 4. Negligible SCL generation and recombination Relate minority populations at QNR edges, -x p and x n , to v AB Use n'(-x p ), p'(x n ) to find hole and electron currents in QNRs Connect currents across SCL to get total junction current, i D Features and limitations of the model Engineering the minority carrier injection across a junction Deviations at low and high current levels Deviations at large reverse bias 6.012 - Microelectronic Devices and Circuits Lecture 6 - p-n Junctions: I-V Relationship - Outline
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