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IRWIN 9e 4_8

IRWIN 9e 4_8 - Irwin Basic Engineering Circuit Analysis 9/E...

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Unformatted text preview: Irwin, Basic Engineering Circuit Analysis, 9/E 1 4.3 An tip-amp based amplifier has :blB V supplies and a gain of —H). User What input mug: is ths amplifier linear? SOLUTION: F091 flinem o/oe‘thion 8g ‘Hm WW: V0 = -80 ' Vin [Vol $ WV ,dxu. mama: 21mm T-PUL Ahead» M3054 x12) Amid. *0: Vin $ V0 ~80 lvznl é OPDSV _____—__—__——-—.————_————-_————— Chapter 4: Operational Amplifiers Problem 4.8 ...
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