4-3-07 - “politics” or “ideology” Struggle of the...

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4/3/07 - French new wave (1958-1964) sort of a second revival of the Italian neo-realism Swept the whole movie industry (wave - short and widespread) -The 400 Blows Landmark of the French new wave Stylistic break with classic French Cinema Formal, narrative & technical innovations -“jump-cuts” -Direct mode address -Links to film criticism: Cahiers du cinema (1951) – most influential periodical on the movies (still is) --philosophical context of Italian neo-realism (godless [without god] morality)?
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Unformatted text preview: “politics” or “ideology”: Struggle of the working class (display of this was confused with som) Universal part of neo-realism: focuses on the “little people” rather than the heroic We gain empathy and a deeper understanding for the characters Things as small as the title can influence your judgment of the characters (thief vs. thieves)...
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