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Paul O’Malley Art History extra credit assignment 11-18-09 I attended the talks on Jasper John’s Souvenir paintings. It was presented by Bree Lehman, and went into detail of all of the history and symbolism involved in two of the most confusing paintings I have ever seen. The paintings were made in the 60’s and were and a had a lot of Subtle cold War symbols and metaphors. One of the paintings was a blurry grayish thing that had a plate with the artists face on it in the corner with red blue and yellow surrounding the picture. The other painting had the back of a canvas on it and was also very blurry. This painting also featured the artists face on a plate in the corner. The paintings had an a flashlight on the side of them that shown light of a bicycle mirror in the corner and reflected light onto the artists plate in the corner. It was proven that the light is
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Unformatted text preview: just reflected onto the side of the plate though which is why it doesn’t make sense. The light and the plate are supposed to represent spies and other types of government agents during the Cold War. The painter also looks like Lee Harvey Oswald in the picture which could be a metaphor for the recent death of President Kennedy. Overall, the painting was very confusing too me, and I was surprised at how such a basic looking painting can have such deeper symbolism and metaphors. I felt that it was a beneficial experience because it made me realize how in depth art history is and how much work is required in analyzing a painting. Although the work was very confusing and I understood little of what was going on, I still enjoyed going and valued the experience. Going to this helped me realize that maybe minoring in art history isn’t such a good idea....
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