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Paul O’Malley English Writing 2/1/10 Hot to the Touch As weird as it sounds, one of the objects I identify with and believe symbolizes me is my Flavia instant coffee maker. When people think of coffee they think of things like energy, up- beatness, waking up early and, getting things accomplished. A coffee company out of Maine called Carpe Diem coffee very much symbolizes this attitude in their name. The term “Carpe Diem” is Latin for seize the day, and this phrase means a lot to me. It also is one of the reasons that I think my coffee maker is an object I can easily identify with. One of the traits I have that is very atypical of college students is that I like getting up early and trying to accomplish things while most people are still sleeping or are in bed. I don’t mind early classes and enjoy the sense of accomplishment you get when you wake up early and go to a class that most other people wouldn’t attend. This early morning mentality is what makes me identify with the stereotype of coffee drinkers and people who are the go getter type of person that wakes up every morning and going to work and bettering yourself. These are all of the things I think of and appreciate whenever I drink a cup of my freshly brewed Joe out of my coffee maker. I also believe this helps attribute to my work ethic and desire to be able to work hard now
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coffee maker paper - Paul OMalley English Writing 2/1/10...

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