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Paul O’Malley 10-22-09 For this paper I chose to judge and evaluate the persuasiveness of the tenth chapter of Joseph Stiglitz’s book and the article on the pollution in the Huai River Valley. The Stiglitz chapter went into detail on the overall effects globalization has had on the world and sums up all of his arguments against it. It also describes ways in which globalization can be reformed so that it benefit’s all countries not just the big ones. He presents a very strong argument and makes strong supporting statements as well. Overall, because of the fact that he makes statements, backs them up, and offers solutions, I find this article to be very persuasive. The article on the contamination of the River Huai by Elizabeth C. Economy is a very graphic and visual article on the pollution of the Huai River in China. It details how the pollution of the river has lead to many problems with the people who live around it and in some cases death. It has also ruined the wildlife in the area and made some species extinct. This article uses first person sources and is very eye-opening as to what is happening as a result of China’s rapid
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labor10-22-09 - Paul OMalley 10-22-09 Option A articles:...

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