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Paul O’Malley Labor in the Global Economy 12-06-09 Is China’s Success Worth it? China’s recent economic success may seem like it is good now, but the environmental and family related devastation they will suffer in the future will not only be bad for China, but for the rest of the world as well. The shift from an agrarian to manufacturing society is breaking up families in ways that may not seem like they are a big deal now, but will be felt much more in the future. Also, the Hukou residency system is extremely corrupt and is a very unsuccessful way of keeping track of people living and paying taxes in the country. Lastly, The Chinese Government has turned a blind eye to the incredible amounts of waste their country is producing and the devastating effects that the waste is having not only on the environment of China, but on the rest of the world as well. Overall, unless drastic changes are made in the very near future, China’s rapid and beneficial growth will turn into a period of turmoil like nothing ever seen before. When China went from a government run economy to a free market, no one expected the incredible GDP growth the mainly agrarian country has experienced. Since 2003, they have experienced real GDP growth at levels that have never been seen before in the world. They shifted from a communist agrarian centered society, to a manufacturing powerhouse that makes products for almost the entire world at low prices. This may seem like a good thing now but since young people around the age of 18-20 are going away from their family and subsistence farm living to work in factories, families are being separated. Children are being raised by their grandparents and rarely see their parents more than once a year. This divisive pattern is devastating the lives of migrant worker’s children across China.
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The family structure is also being affected because of how little time factory workers have to socialize and date other people .The current system of factory work is set up so that workers are not encouraged to have families or love interests because it could affect their work and could be a distraction. (Chang, 2008 p. 100) This is a bad thing because it is harder for workers to find partners and in turn have a family. They are forced to work almost all day and in the rare time they have off it is more important for them to relax rather than go out and socialize with their fellow factory workers. This lack of relationships will also have a negative impact on Chinese workers in the future, and will create a change in the traditional family structure in China. Families are willing to maintain this family structure because of the opportunity presented to them by working in a factory. Rather than living off of the land on their family farm, they can go and do something no one else in their family has ever done before by going into coastal china and working in gigantic factories. The money and opportunity presented to them is seen as a very great thing even though factory life is very brutal and mundane. The change of
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labor final - Paul OMalley Labor in the Global Economy Is...

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