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Paul O’Malley Web of Life summary Stpec The article “Web of Life” focuses on all of the problems and injustices we have in our society today, and how we can work towards fixing them. It emphasizes a “shift” in thinking and focuses on equality in society. It also talks about how we need sustainability or future generations will be in trouble because of what we did. The author focuses on different types of social ecology, and how we can change the world by making little changes in our lives. To fix all of these problems a cultural transformation needs to occur, and different theories and ideas are presented as to how we can achieve this goal in the future. The first theory the article talks about is “deep ecology” and how it applies to today’s society. Deep ecology recognizes the interdependence of all phenomena, and how everything is embedded in and relies on nature. It compares the terms holistic and ecological, and how holistic means things operating on an aggregate scale, whereas ecological means individual parts
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Unformatted text preview: working together to achieve something bigger than them. It also points out that shallow ecology is human centered, and deep ecology is based on all living things being equal. It uses all of these theories to connect how we are related to one another and how that will help us make the “shift” in our lifestyle so we can better the world. The last part of the article focuses on value and ethics, and how they as well can be used to change the world. It emphasizes new values, and how good things are in balance, and bad things are imbalanced. Also, the article points out that self assertiveness isn’t the only type of power, and that power can be established with a shift from a hierarchal society, to one with networks. The last part of the article pretty much sums up that for the world to become sustainable and a better place, we need to make a massive shift from human-centered ecology, to earth-centered ecology, or future generations could be in trouble....
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