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Paul O’Malley Economics 12-6-09 “Massachusetts may outpace U.S. in economic recovery” This article is from the Boston Globe and talks about how Massachusetts is set to recover from the recession quicker than the rest of The United States. It has a lot to do with the economic cycle and other key points that were mentioned throughout the semester in macroeconomics class. Some of these terms include unemployment, imports, exports, recession, home sales, banks, and various other terms. It also goes into detail about how Massachusetts’s economy was set up to recover faster, and how it currently is coming out of the recession. The article is a good overview of the business cycle, and how things like unemployment, and net exports affect how well an economy is doing. The article points out that the main reason Massachusetts is recovering fast is because it is at the forefront of technology, and other leading edge markets. These technologies include a lot of computer and other software related products. The article specifically mentions a few companies in the area that make parts for medical devices and aerospace technology. It is because of this that companies are again starting to invest in themselves, which is leading to increases in sales and a decrease in unemployment. Also, because of the technology available in Massachusetts’s markets, companies are exporting out a lot of goods and investors are willing to buy them. The next part of the article talks about how although things are looking up for Massachusetts, Things will still get a little worse before they officially get better. Although
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economics paper - Paul OMalley Economics 12-6-09...

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