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Paul O’Malley 10-20-11 Public Health 160 This week in class we looked at masculinity and some of the stereotypes that are associated with men who fit the "tough-guy" mental model. I learned that men such as Howard Stern and Rush Limbaugh follow the mental model that men are pro-dominant over women. In their actions, they target women and victimize them through the ignorant comments or gestures they project. Often, the ragtime that these men continuously rant about are usually very offensive towards those disempowered by the negative comments. Many of these cruel remarks are targeted towards women, for example, where men tend to treat them badly, almost inhumane, calling them “pigs” or asking them to “take [their] shirt off,” as Limbaugh and Stern have previously been quoted saying. However, these comments are said, accepted and uncontested, often times because it is easier to agree with a dominant group rather than stick up for those hurt by the things said. I learned that the term hegemony can be applied in describing how a dominant group can project its particular way of seeing social reality so successfully that it's accepted as a common sense, as part of the natural order, even by those who are disempowered by it. This term helps to better understand the reasoning behind such examples stated above, and why people tend to stick with these “tough-guy” mental models. When looking at the actions taken by people who follow this model, it is clear that they are ignorant. I personally do not follow the “tough-guy” model because I find it quite pathetic and degrading. A person does not have to be aggressive or violent to become cool or powerful. This outlook that some men have is due to what we see around us in society. We learned that
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the invisibility of masculinity is found in the media and in movies and that the “tough- guy” mental models are developed when people react to what they see. However, we do find people who challenge hegemony. Civil rights, such as gay marriage, challenge the dominant way of seeing reality. In class this week we also learned about affluenza.
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Journal 10-21-11 - Paul OMalley 10-20-11 Public Health 160...

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