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Paul O’Malley Public Health 160 11-4-11 This week’s lectures and readings dealt with rape and the casualness of “hook-ups” and how they are affected by alcohol and modern society’s views on the subjects. The play we watched in class “Phallacies” was very informative and provided a humorous way to convey a serious message about male roles in society towards woman. In the reading “An Old Enemy in a New Outfit” the author, Lisa Jervis discusses what has come to be known as “Gray-Rape” and how alcohol can influence the relationship between what can or can’t be done between young men and women. The other reading “Yes Means Yes” talked about giving and receiving consent when involved sexually with someone, be it a boyfriend, girlfriend, or just hooking up with someone else in general. This topic is a very sensitive topic with most people and is very important for college age students because of the amount of cases and the culture of most college campuses today. As
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